Our TalenTists

Deliver the best

Bringing the best of talent to the best of companies
TalenTist, Inc, formerly known as CompuSkills Group, has emerged as a leader in the search industry. We do not simply “fill positions”, but follow a proven and effective system, the “TalenTist Touch”, to successfully achieve true talent integration. Our system allows us to quickly deliver unsurpassed results!
We out perform the rest
We go well beyond what most in-house HR departments or search firms do. Most of our TalenTists are professionals in the field in which they recruit. With their experience we consistently find the “A” candidate, making our client companies even better.

TalenTist Philosophy

First Key to Success

“It’s all about People”

We believe that to achieve successful talent integration, it is important to always remember that “it’s all about people.”

Companies are People

To us a company is not a building, product or service, its really people. To effectively work with our clients, we strive to understand the people that make the company by examining the company’s vision, goals, and culture.

Candidates are People

We don’t view our candidates a mere set of skills that contribute to a job. We recognize that we’re not just dealing with talent, but the people that possess and enhance those talents. We work with our candidates as people to provide the best fit for them.


Experience shows that the primary key to achieving the best talent integration is communication. Our role as good communicators is to facilitate and strengthen that dialog. By maintaining the lines of communication open on all sides, we are able to quickly discover and address any concerns or questions that arise in the process of bringing talented people together.

TalenTist Search Methodology

Second Key to Success

We do it right!

Our methodology is the second part of the “TalenTist Touch”. This system includes a unique four phase process and state of the art research techniques. We get the job done quickly and do it right the first time. No one else has the “TalenTist Touch.”

Comprehensive Profile Development

A Client Company profile is created, followed by a Performance Profile outlining the client’s needs, and in turn a prospective Candidate Profile.

Talent Hunt

A Precise Search Plan is developed, then executed, which identifies and qualifies talent.

Bringing Talent Together

With qualfied talent identified, a Talent Hunt Phone Report is supplied to the client, followed by the submission of references and resume, interviews, final talent selection and pre-offer preparation.

Talent Integration

Upon selection of your new talent, an Offer Presentation is made. Following formal Offer Acceptance, we continue with On-board follow up.
Our desire is to bring the best of talent to the best of companies. This is more than a process. Once again …“It’s all about People!”